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Published Aug 21, 21
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Different Types Of Leadership Approaches

The 5 Leadership Styles You Can Use & How To Implement Each in TexasLeadership Styles And Frameworks in Laredo Texas

It is also not uncommon for a leader’s management style to evolve as their career progresses (or as their team members progress). For example, a leader managing a fairly young, inexperienced team might need to take a blended autocratic and transformational approach to leading them because they are not ready to take more active roles in leadership (Types of Leadership).

Learning Outcomes Identify leadership styles We’ve already talked about how personality traits, behaviors and situations (and response to those situations) affect leadership. But what about style? Every leader has their own personal approach. In fact, one might assume that there are as many leadership styles as there are leaders. Traditional Leadership Styles Leadership style is a leader’s approach to providing direction, implementing plans, and motivating people.

Researchers found there was less creativity under an authoritarian leadership style, but the children were still productive. While authoritarian leadership sounds stifling, it has its place: it’s best applied to situations where there is little time for group decision making, or when the leader has expertise that the rest of the group does not.

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Those leaders practicing the participative leadership style offer guidance to the group, as for their input in decision making but retain final say. Participative leaders make their group feel like they’re part of a team, which creates commitment within the group. Lewin’s researchers found that the participative style of leadership yielded the most desirable results with the school children and their craft project.

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There are drawbacks to the participative style. If roles within the group are unclear, participative leadership can lead to communication failures. If the group is not skilled in the area in which they’re making decisions, poor decisions could be the result. Delegative (Laissez-Faire) Leadership Leaders practicing the delegative leadership style are very hands-off.

A delegative leader will provide the necessary tools and resources to complete a project and will take responsibility for the group’s decisions and actions, but power is basically handed over to the group. Lewin and his team found that the group of children trying to complete the craft project under the delegative leader were the least productive.

The delegative style is particularly appropriate for a group of highly skilled workers, and creative teams often value this kind of freedom. Types of Leadership in Business. On the other hand, this style does not work well for a group that lacks the needed skills, motivation or adherence to deadlines, and that can lead to poor performance.

In spite of a limited amount of scientific study where charismatic leaders are concerned, researchers agree there are applications and lessons to be learned out of this type of leadership. Leaders should have belief in their own actions. They should seek to develop bonds with their followers. And they must be able to communicate their messages clearly. 5 Types of Leadership.

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(Bass, 1990) Followers admire and are inspired to act (What Type of Leadership Style Do I Have). But the transformational leadership concept takes that one step further and expects intellectual stimulation from a leader, as well as individual consideration, in which a leader singles out followers and provides them with additional motivation. Transformational leaders motivate and teach with a shared vision of the future.

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Not all leaders are the same, and there are various types of leadership you will see in the workplace and throughout your career. Understanding your style of leadership is important so that you are aware of your strengths and weaknesses, and how you interact with staff to get the best performance from them.

In working to achieve motivating others to perform, innovate, and inspire change, a leader may incorporate different elements of the different types of leadership depending on the situation as well. It is a fluid and constantly changing outlook at the situation a leader finds themselves in. What are the types of leadership found in the workplace? Here are some common types of leadership you may encounter, or identify with yourself: Authoritarian/Autocratic Leadership This type of leadership can be identified by its clear directions and expectations delivered to those around the leader.

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Participative/Democratic Leadership Recognised as one of the more effective types of leadership, this style is categorised by leaders not only offering direction and guidance to their followers, but also participating in activities with them and allowing their input - Types of Power in Leadership. Group members tend to feel more engaged and motivated because of this, leading to higher quality output.